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Since 1997 Retro Classics have been pleased to source classic Jaguars for our clients. The cars in question have mostly been classic Jaguar XK120/140 & 150s,  E Types, C Type replicas, 420s and Mk IIs. In more recent times, we have also sourced several XK8 and XKR convertibles for clients who appreciate them as affordable, stylish and practical ‘modern classics’.  We also have an enthusiasm for C1 Corvettes, early Mustangs and 60’s Fiat 500s and quite often have one or more of these available for sale or ‘on their way’!

Many of our clients have become firm friends, as their enthusiasm for, and knowledge of these wonderful cars has grown.

Over the years, we have also been asked to sell Jaguars (and sometimes other classics) on behalf of customers, and we have been happy to do so. Paul is also the Dorset representative for the XK Club and E Type Clubs, and, until recently provided insurance valuations for both clubs.

Paul & Fiona have also been heavily involved in helping organise classic Jaguar tours worlwide, including throughout Europe, Scandinavia/Russia, Argentina, and Australia/Tasmania. They keep a Triumph TR6 in Salt Lake City just for classic car tours in sensational southern Utah, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico. 

Paul has done tours there at least 15 times!

What do our clients say about us?

Jim & Jill Howard

August 2020  E Type Club members who asked Retro Classics to source an XK8 convertible.

In Jaguar terms our purchase of an XK8 was relatively modest, very much a fun car for myself and my wife. Paul undertook to search on our behalf, travelling quite extensively to look at several cars before making a recommendation. His proposal included a full appraisal and copious photos. Having agreed the purchase Paul undertook to have the vehicle serviced and a number of minor mechanical issues that he had identified dealt with prior to handover. From start to finish Paul impressed us with his communication, knowledge of the vehicle type and professionalism, the entire process proving to be smooth and trouble free. In the 15 months since purchase we have found the car to be an absolute delight and would not hesitate to return to Paul and Retro Classics should we consider a further vehicle in the future.

Danny & Wendy Constantinis

2021 First a sensational ultra low mileage S1 E Type roadster sourced from Chicago, and now in S of France. Then a follow up XK8 convertible for more regular use between S of France and Malta

A Wonderful Experience I was looking for a fun way to invest some pension funds and thought ….classic car; but which one? E-types had always been on my wish list so I joined the E-Type club and was introduced to Paul Abadjian. He expertly and with great patience and humour guided me in choosing the right model and then sourced the right car….in the USA! It would have been nigh on impossible for me to have managed this complex process successfully and without getting into trouble…including being scammed out of a lot of hard earned money. I am now the happy (very) owner of a lovely blue convertible 1967 series 1 in great condition and I am sure appreciating in value nicely in the south of France. Many thanks Paul a great professional and a now a good friend Another Great Buy Following the successful purchase of an E-Type I asked Paul to help me source a car that I could use for touring Europe…..Paul suggested the Jaguar XK8 as a reasonably priced convertible 4 (ish) seater and I agreed that this was a good idea. Just a few weeks later the perfect car was found, inspected, sourced, bought, serviced, stored and ready for collection in the UK. A wonderful drive (in winter) followed ranging from heavy rain, sunshine and even some snow! The car exceeded my expectations and the service Paul provided second to none….We even got introduced to their Alpacas!

Mark Hamlin

2013/2014  A younger enthusiast!

My E Type journey started in Sept 2013 when Paul Abadjian.was recommended to me as someone who could source me a good E Type. I met Paul and my initial impression was that he was a genuine enthusiast and a person I could trust. Paul explained the service which he offered in sourcing an E Type and advised me that my budget could just about stretch to what I was ideally looking for namely a Series 1 FHC in either RHD or LHD. Paul suggested I go away and think things over which I did and then a couple of weeks later I phoned Paul and said I would like to proceed. In Oct 2013 Paul began searching for an E Type for me. During the search Paul kept in regular contact and in Jan 2014 Paul found a 1965 4.2 FHC located in Arizona. Paul’s US business partner carried out an inspection of the car and I received photos and an appraisal. I asked Paul’s US Business Partner to purchase the car on my behalf and so I transferred funds into his bank account. The appraisal had indicated that the E Type required some recommissioning work so following a recommendation by Paul and his US Business Partner I commissioned a car restorer in Arizona to do the work and once completed in June 2014 the car was ready to ship to the UK. Paul then advised me on Customs and shipping which I arranged as per his advise. The first time I saw the car was in July 2014 when I collected it from my local garage who carried out its MOT which it passed. I was very pleased as the car was exactly as per it’s appraisal and the work carried out in the US was good too. In summary I would say the service I received from Paul was excellent, he dealt with me in a very professional and friendly manner.

Deirdre Hopkins

2017/2018 ‘Lady enthusiast’, for whom Retro sourced 2x  XK8 convertibles…one for use in Dorset, and a second for use in Southern Spain.

Hi Paul. Every time I turn the key in my XK8 and that throaty engine springs into life, I smile. When I asked you to find me the car, I had no idea how much pleasure it was going to bring me. Great experience sourcing the car ,and all your support in making sure it was the right purchase for me ,so reassuring. It was such a great experience ,I asked you to do it again ,in Spain ! My second XK8 lives in Marbella ,marvellous car ,makes my time there every year just perfect . Thanks Paul Deirdre Hopkins

Philip Porter Founder and CEO of the Jaguar XK Club and the Jaguar E Type Club, and well-known Jaguar historian and author

1997 to date!

I have been unreservedly recommending Paul Abadjian (Retro Classics) to friends and members of our International Jaguar XK Club and Jaguar E-type Club for 25 years. Philip Porter

Jerry Bensinger Sporting Cars, Hubbard Ohio USA

1997 to date  World-renowned US based  long-term purveyor of quirky classic cars-often with an English twist! 

I have been selling older European classic sports and racing cars for over 30 years now to the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. I have sold Paul Abadjian of Retro Classics a number of classic Jaguars over the years, and may i say the transactions always gone smoothly and promptly. His knowledge was impressive, of the marque, and of classic cars and the market in general; and his experienced handling all the details of shipping, customs, etc. made it delightfully easy on me. His great enthusiasm, honesty, and marvelous sense of humor made such dealings with him all the more of a pleasure. I would highly recommend buying or selling with Paul and his company Retro Classics, that one can do so in full confidence of being treated most fairly, professionally, and properly.

Alan Martin

1999  One of the earliest customers of Retro Classics

20 years’ ago, when looking for a Jaguar XK140 SE DHC, a friend of mine who owned of a range of Jaguar XKs himself, recommended Paul Abadjian to help me find a suitable car for myself. He had none in stock but used his extensive range of contacts to find what I was looking for. After a few weeks he located one in North Carolina. The car was assessed locally by a third party and a deal was struck. Paul arranged for the shipping of the car to London and shortly thereafter I was able to take possession in Greenwich. It was just what I expected and the car gave me many years of pleasure. I stayed in touch with Paul and when I decided to sell the car about 12 years later I turned to Paul who again quickly found me a buyer. Dealing with Paul was always a pleasure. He comes across as totally trustworthy, and as someone whose first priorities are to provide a professional and friendly service and to satisfy a client’s needs at a very fair cost. His knowledge of the market is second to none.

Lionel Thorne

2019 Local classic MG enthusiast.

Paul helped me sell my MG RV8. It was a nice low mileage car, but I did not like it and decided to sell it. I advertised it through the MG Car Club and had a couple of time wasters contact me. At this point I spoke to Paul who offered to help. He took some super photographs and presented it really well. He then “ advertised “ it amongst his contacts and within two weeks he had sold it. Clearly there is a skill to selling, which I don’t have, but which Paul does. Lionel Thorne

Sir Stuart Hampson

ex Chairman of John Lewis Group, The Crown Estates, and, above all, a long-distance adventure classic rally enthusiast!


Paul was recommended to me when I was looking to buy my first classic car – a Jaguar XK140 or 150. I was enthusiastic but totally green! We looked at a number of cars in the London area, and then he rang me about a car on e-bay – a pristine condition XK140 being sold by a doctor in Georgia, USA. He was sure this was the car for me, but he offered to bid for the car to an agreed limit, with me funding half the price. He’d handle all the shipping back to the UK, and if I didn’t like it he’d keep the car and refund the cash I’d put in. When the car came out of the container my cheque book came swiftly out to complete the purchase. A great buy! Paul helped me sort out a few minor mechanical issues, and I became a delighted classic car driver. Fifteen years and four long-distance rallies later I felt it was time to pass on the 140 to someone who would continue to use it more than I was doing. Paul found the right client and watched me bid a sad goodbye. Unbeatable support and friendship.

John Isaacs

long term classic car enthusiast

2018 on

I was following the Millie Miglia in 2015 in my Healey BJ7and fell in love with a well prepared JD Classics XK120,  driven by Jodie Kidd, The XK was racing through the hills of Lucca ,quite impressive, I had to have one!.


On my return the hunt was on .My friend always wanted my Healey 3000, that was sold. Finances in place. The next few weeks was spent hunting the web sites. I spotted a car at Retro Classics and did visit Dorchester, but no sign of Paul.

I made the call to Paul. I was told that car was sold and possible not the best. I was quite experienced with English classic cars , but not a XK120.


Paul offered to find me a car and in my price range, at that time, they were just LHD models from the US ( I was mostly driving in Europe, so LHD was fine). He did say it could be difficult. Paul looked at the cars I was chasing. Most of them with faults. 

His experience and contacts in the US market was impressive. All my cars were to say the least, not right. There was a fee to pay for the service, but that looked well worth it. So many pit falls.

I was sent many cars ,but one in particular,  was outstanding for the set budget I had. That amount was low for the XK market.  Paul’s task was not easy.


I must say at that point my classic car friends were asking me how it was going and when I was going to the US to view. I told them I was not intending to visit!

I cannot say what choice words followed. Not for these pages. It did make me nervous.

During this period Paul went through the process on importing to the UK. Taxes and custom forms etc . Also advise on money transfer to the US.

This went smoothly when the time came.

The car was from a family and frankly near perfect. Having Paul ask the right questions about the car history was so important. Photographs and restoration documents arrived. This was the one. The family US owners were calling me at home in the UK and this settled my nerves about parting with real money.  


Naturally,  I did ask questions about Paul in the Jag world and there was nothing but good comments and praise.


The car arrived very quickly from the US to Felixstowe Docks . What a nervous moment . It fired first time. On the trailer and home!!!


I was very lucky to have Paul’s expertise ,with many years in the classic car business. The outcome could have been quite different. Very honest, great advice, great car.  


Should anyone think of purchasing a car from the US through Paul . Very happy to chat to them , and possibly put their mind at rest.

Nick Goozee

past MD of Penske Cars…and owner/caretaker of the XK140 FHC that his father bought from new in 1957!

2018 on

Although I am probably the least engaged member of the Dorset branch of the XK Club there can be no better Representative than Paul Abadjian. Whenever I have a problem with my 140 Paul responds quickly to my cries for help, putting me in contact with the people who he knows will solve my problem. Specifically his mechanic Tony who transformed my unhealthy, and underused, 140 to as good as the day my Grandfather bought it some 65 years ago. Paul’s knowledge, his contacts and his pure enthusiasm for all things Jaguar is a considerable benefit to local Members of the XK Club.