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Jaguar XK140 Drophead Coupe

Vehicle Price
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License Plate
Model Year
Body Type
Vehicle Traction
2 wheel back
Interior Color
Number of doors
2 Doors
Motor size
210 PK
Vehicle Condition
Excellent Condition


This XK140SE Drophead Coupe was supplied via Hornburg in Los Angeles in 1955. It is a matching numbers ex showcar that has been modified to make it suitable for long distance ‘adventure rallies’. We have a Heritage Certificate for the car, showing that it was originally cream with a black piped red interior and black hood. It was despatched to Los Angeles on 14th of February 1955.

We purchased this wonderful car in October 2002 in the USA on behalf of it's titled owner, after a 9 month search for a suitable left hand drive XK 140DHC. After it had been suitably modified (see below), he drove it from Panama to Alaska, from north to south of South America, from London to Tuscany and back, all around the Mediterranean, including Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria etc. In 2016 he drove it 10,000 miles throughout the USA, from south to north, and west to east in just 3 weeks!.

We have photos of the bodywork restoration being carried out in the early 90s under the auspices of the previous US owner Dr. William J. Morton of Canton, Georgia who was the final US owner from whom we bought the car. The body restoration photos show that the car was extremely sound before it’s restoration, being a southern States car. The Jaguar won numerous concours events all over the south eastern US in the 90s. Once back in the UK, it was modified to make it suitable for the sort of gruelling long-distance rallies that the owner was planning to take part in.

the modifications list is:-

5 Speed Gearbox (T9) Modified clutch and flywheel to suit.

New crown wheel and pinion to suit new gearbox ratios

Upgraded front disc brakes and servo

Alternator and upgraded electrics

Electronic ignition

Spare coil mounted on cylinder head

Aluminium expansion tank and Kenlow fan

Various additional power take offs in cockpit

Isolator switch, plus fuel pump cut off

Full safety harnesses

Fixed wind deflector

Fire extinguisher

Larger capacity fuel tank

Sump Guard

Fitted luggage

Brantz Trip Computer fitted in glovebox

The car drives very well indeed with no issues, and looks terrific.

There is quite a bit of US history that comes with the car, especially regarding its US concours successes, and post importation to the UK, and there are all the invoices present for the work done (mostly by Orchard Restorations of Heathfield, or Tim Walker Restorations of Aylesbury) . The owner spent considerable sums on this car to ensure that it performed well and reliably in the exacting role for which he used the car

Our mechanic has now just gone right through the car, rectifying anything that needed doing, rebuilding the doors and re-aligning them, rebuilding the gearbox linkage, servicing and MOT’ing the car and it is ready to go anywhere now, with no issues. Even the clock works! At an indicated 70mph the engine is turning at just 2350 rpm. The perfect car for long distance touring in 'challenging regions' or competitive rallying generally. It also stands out when compared to the typical XK140!

This car is now available for a lot less than it would cost to prepare such a car for these type of events if starting from scratch.

It also makes a wonderful road car, which has just that bit more capability than most 1950s sports cars. May be viewed in Dorset.

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