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Jaguar XK120 Open Two Seater (Roadster)

Vehicle Price
Price on Request
Model Year
Interior Color
Number of doors
2 Doors
Motor size
165 PK
Vehicle Condition
Very Good


A fantastic rebuilt left hand drive 1952 XK120 roadster in its original colour. Excellent paint finish, and lovely interior and beige hood with correct small glass rear window. Re-furbished side screens in matching beige.. Engine built by Jaguar specialist Jim Kakuska of Illinois. Drives very well indeed. A lovely matching numbers car that needs nothing. Standard apart from larger-capacity aluminium radiator. Comes with long MOT and Heritage Certificate, as well as substantial history file.

History from the Previous Owner

The car was originally sold in New York. I think the earliest date I saw was about 1979 when Bill Potts in Pennsylvania owned the car. He had it restored and the restoration took a very long time. Then when it was finished it went off to Virginia for an interior.
I believe Mr. Potts probably finished the restoration and sold it in about 1988-90 to Clark Curley in western (Clinton?) Illinois. I think Potts put almost no mileage on the car. Mr. Curley lived in a typical 3 bedroom house built in the 60s. He had a small car collection of about 8 cars, and to house his collection he bought the house next to his and used the house to keep his collection of cars. The house was built on a concrete slab, and he gutted the house and used the garage as his entrance. It looked just like all the other houses in the neighborhood from the outside. The house was heated and air conditioned, so his cars had a perfect home. Further, he kept a cover on the car so it rarely saw the light of day. Shortly after he bought the car he got sick with cancer and so he did nothing with the car for the approximately 10 -12 years he had the car. Then before he sold it to me he got it running and drove it about 100 miles to a British car show in the Quad Cities (where he won best of show). l believe he did not put more than 150 miles on the car the entire time he owned it.
So I found out about the car from Wayne Wagner and went out to look at it. It was a lot nicer than anything else I had seen for the price, and I made the mistake of not bringing an expert like Jim Kakuska along with me. When I took it to Jim to be checked out, the engine started having problems. So he rebuilt the engine and the transmission and put in a new wiring harness in most of the car...mainly in the front half. Jim had to cannibalize parts from 3 transmissions in order to restore that transmission, but I did not want a 5 speed. Later I had other work done...some front end work, put on new tires, put in an alloy radiator (a necessity if you want to drive our expressways which often have traffic slow to a crawl), new headlights, and a new battery. Right before he sold it to me Mr. Curley had re-done the brakes including new cylinders, new gas tank and some other things.
So with so many new things on it, the car finally was in good shape. I drove it on a rally in Wisconsin shortly before I sold it and I thought it was running great. Obviously I dropped a bundle of money into the car, but that is what you call sunk cost. So hopefully you will have a roadworthy car after all that expense.
I also want to mention something about the battery. The car had two six volt batteries which I hated because they effervesce (?) battery acid. I looked long and hard to find a 12 volt battery that could fit into one of the battery boxes, and I discovered a special battery that I hope is working well for you. The battery was more expensive than a regular battery and it was designed by Hawkker Siddley for the British military. The specs on the battery are pretty good and I believe it will be more than adequate to turn the 120 motor. Let me know if it is working like I thought it would.
Overall I don't think I drove the car more than 1000 miles in the 3 years I owned the car, so the engine and trans are basically new. Other than two trips to Wisconsin of about 200 miles each and some trips out to have Jim K work on the car, I mainly drove it on hot summer evenings after work. The car had a wonderful sound that relaxed me and brought a smile to my face when I drove it north along the Lake Michigan shore-line in the evenings.

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