1950's Jaguar XK variants

3 distinct models, each with 3 distinct body styles

There can be some confusion arise with the 1950s Jaguar XKs. However, it becomes easier when you remember there were 3 models built through the 50s: XK120 (1948-54), the XK140 (54-57) and the XK150 (57-60). Each of these three was built in 3 different body styles:- Open Two Seater, or roadster, Drophead Coupe, or convertible, and Fixed Head Coupe, or hardtop.

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Choosing the right XK model for you

We have set out illustrations, specifications and ‘pros & cons’ of each of the three XKs models.We hope you find these informative and useful. Please feel free to call Paul Abadjian on Tel: 01300 321199 to discuss your particular requirements in greater depth. Set out below are the specifications, descriptions and pros and cons.of the individual models of the Jaguar XK ranges.

Finding spares for your XK

The Jaguar XK range is very well served by a network of specialists who can supply virtually anything for the cars, from the smallest component to a complete body. The majority of these parts have been re-made to as close to the original specification as is possible. Occasionally they will also be able to supply ‘new old stock’ components, made in the ’50s and ’60s by the original suppliers, that have remained on the shelf since that time. Alternatively re-furbished original parts may sometimes be supplied.