Jaguar XK8/XKR

A stylish and practical grand tourer!

Launched in 1996 to replace the long-standing XJ-S, the XK8 was the first Jaguar to use the light and powerful AJ 4 litre V8. Built on a modified XJ-S floorpan, the body style echoed that of the E Type, and it is one that has aged remarkably well over the years.

Jaguar XK8/XKR

At Retro we have sourced several XK8s and XKRs (same engine, but supercharged) for customers, and, without exception, they have all been delighted with their cars.

The XK8 /R is not without issues as a car, but one with good service history and obviously coming from previous caring owners can be a lovely car to own, with zero depreciation, and great usability throughout the year. On the 4 litre cars, the timing chain tensioners and water pump MUST be uprated, if this was not already done by previous owners, and a prospective purchase needs to be examined closely for structural rust, which may not be externally obvious.

These cars are quite fast, very refined, comfortable and have a big boot. The hood is fully automatic, is lined and completely waterproof. Unlike so many cars (and people!) the looks defy their age. We have owned a series of 3 XK8s personally for the past 15 years, and have used them for extended long-distance European tours, and have throroughly enjoyed the experience!