Retro Classics


Retro Classics is a specialist ‘hobby business’ run by Paul Abadjian, a life-long classic Jaguar enthusiast.
There are usually a handful of cars either for sale or in the process of being made ready for sale.

Retro Classics.........
more than just selling classic Jaguars

In addition to this, for many years, Paul has offered a ‘hand holding’ service to help the enthusiast would be owner find the car of his or her dreams.

Paul has many years of experience, and considerable knowledge of these cars, together with an excellent network of contacts both in the UK and, more specifically, in the US where the majority were exported in the first place. As a result, he has been able to source cars for a considerable number of customers over the years, ensuring that the cars are located, inspected, paid for, shipped to the UK (or elsewhere) and prepared and registered. The charging basis for this can vary, but is usually based on a percentage of the eventual purchase price. This will typically be around 7 ½% Other expenses incurred are usually charged at cost.

In more recent times, Retro Classics has also refurbished cars to customers own specification, at a cost noticeably lower than specialists with much larger overheads.